A Sunken Yeast Treasure

By now I am sure the entire  beer blogosphere has published an article tittering with excitement centering on a recent discovery of intact bottles of beer from the 19th century pulled from the depths of a Baltic Sea ship wreck.  I don’t blame them.  As I read the article I myself began to titter with [...]

A Quick Review of the Video, “The American Brew”

Ahhh the library…shrine of knowledge and source of free erudition whether it be in book or video form.  A few nights ago my lovely wife checked out “The American Brew” from our local library.  I have come to discover that not all books and films/videos are created equally.  In fact, like a few ill made [...]

Fun with History

Having written for over two years, we’ve broached a wide spectrum of subjects.  Those of you who have read for any length of time are probably aware that Nate and I both have degrees in anciently oriented studies.  Maybe something in our wiring has made us love the past, who knows? During my studies, I’ve [...]

Who Was Michael Jackson?

More often than not, when I bring up Michael Jackson in a beer related conversation, I have to digress from the topic and briefly explain that I am not referring to the late King of Pop, but I am referring to perhaps the most influential beer enthusiast to have lived in the past century. Besides [...]

Chateau Jiahu – Review of a Time-Capsule

Craft beer, an ever dynamic industry, demands inovation to drive sales, unlike the Big Beer industry that relies on clever marketing.  The utilization of technology, never hurts.  Dogfish Head’s Chateau Jiahu is one of those risky beers that not only exemplifies insane innovation, but cutting edge scientific savy.  Dogfish Head collaborated with molecular archeologist, Dr. [...]

Craft Beer Gets the Colbert Bump

It is no secret to those who have drunk the kool-aid (code for beer) and joined the clandestine community of beer lovers that this week (May 11th – 17th) is officially American Craft Beer Week. “Aaaaagggghhhh.” That was me breathing a sigh of relief of not being guilted into heading down to the Hallmark shop [...]

Fraoch Heather Ale

It has been emphasized to the point of redundancy on this site, that beer is more than just a beverage, a thirst quencher, or mood enhancer:  It is an experience.  At times, this experience invades every part of our lives.  We think about beer, we dream about beer, we brew beer.  Beer even makes my [...]

Review of Oatmeal Stout by Schlafly

Schlafly makes some products that I really like and others that I consider just okay. Their stuff would be a lot easier to get if I still lived in Missouri, but you can’t be everywhere all at once. Their Bourbon Barreled Imperial Stout and Barley-wine are among the best of their products, so they do [...]

Not A Typical St. Patrick’s Day Beer Post

Bear with me while I vent…this post follows in the tradition of Mike’s “I’ve been randomly annoyed” posts. On the drive to work today I tuned into a radio station based out of Detroit.  I listened as the DJ’s hailed St. Patrick’s day as “the best holiday all year ’cause we can drink beer for [...]

For The Love Of Hops Part 2

Why are hops in beer? The simple answer is, “It’s the law.”  Sort of. You see, the earliest example of regulatory action taken on a food industry was in Bavaria in the 1490′s, demanding certain standards purity and excellence in food preparation and distribution.  The law, Reinheitsgebot, was expanded in 1516 to include beer, for [...]

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