St. Patrick’s Best Ale & Legbiter Ale

Have you heard of Stragford Lough Brewing Company?  If not, don’t feel bad…neither had I until a rep contacted me and offered some beer, free for sampling.  (As an aside, why is it that so many beer fanatics feel ashamed if they aren’t on the leading edge of breaking craft beer news, new breweries, and [...]

Murphy’s Irish Stout

Even though it’s owned by Heineken, Murphy’s still makes a great stout.  I have a personal preference for this over Guinness any day of the week, so that’s why I thought it would make a nice Sip With Us Saturday beer.  If you get a chance to drink it on tap, it’s a must.  For [...]

Sip with us Saturday: Murphy’s Irish Stout

I love the simple goodness of this stout.  I’d drink it over Guinness any day of the week.  Many among us are surprised that this beer hasn’t achieved more popularity.  Well, we are going to try to raise Murphy’s awareness this week.  It just so happens that it will happen on Saturday this time around. [...]

Not A Typical St. Patrick’s Day Beer Post

Bear with me while I vent…this post follows in the tradition of Mike’s “I’ve been randomly annoyed” posts. On the drive to work today I tuned into a radio station based out of Detroit.  I listened as the DJ’s hailed St. Patrick’s day as “the best holiday all year ’cause we can drink beer for [...]

“What’s That Thing In My Can Of Guinness?”

Ok, it’s not just in Guinness, as we experienced this past Friday as we drank Wexford Irish Cream Ale. I remember the first time I bought Guinness Draught in the can.  My first thought was, “Who screwed up?”  But then I examined the can and realized that the little ball in my empty can must [...]

Drink with us Friday|Wexford Review

Thus far we haven’t tried a beer that has the can draught system.  These widget beers are fun to watch develop during the pour.  While pouring, the beer looked pretty hazy until the creamy head developed on top.  In terms of appearance, this beer had a golden-orangish body.  The head was thick and creamy, almost acting like an [...]