Having written for over two years, we’ve broached a wide spectrum of subjects.  Those of you who have read for any length of time are probably aware that Nate and I both have degrees in anciently oriented studies.  Maybe something in our wiring has made us love the past, who knows?

During my studies, I’ve come across one point time and again.  Ancients are keenly interested in the past.  In fact, many innovations (hear that with a negative tone) were automatically regarded with suspicion.  The more antiquated something was, the more legitimate.  Funny how ideas change; more often than not, we regard the newest version of something as an improvement.  I would suggest that we think very much in polar opposites to the vast majority of historical humanity.

However, this post is not so much about a philosophy of history or the like as it is about appreciating the past.  Maybe even calling it a bent on antiquarian musings would be an accurate depiction.  Whatever we might call it, I’m simply adoring the past.

Recent news stories about old ships full of very old beer have been popping up on the various social media radars.  Does this get anyone wondering how beer tasted two centuries or two millenia ago?  When I read stories about old beer discoveries, I wonder about discovering old beer.  So, it’s not surprising to me that I was really geeked up for a few months about brewing a beer that I’ve been planning for quite some time.

This past weekend I finally brewed my 1700s style porter.  There are some limitations in that modern malts and yeast are far more predicable than way back when.  However, I did use some wood fire and cast iron.  I’ve been tasting and marveling over how the beer has changed over the past five days.  It’s my duty to be tasting it as much as possible, and I’m really excited about how it’s turning out.

I’ve made a decision to start doing (gradually) a bit more research on brewing beer in a historical fashion.  So, my guess is that I’m going to be learning some new technics, facts, and history.  I love learning about the past, and I’m planning on sharing the journey with you.  Join me for the results.  Have any of you brewed up some history?  Please do tell.