Wikileaks: Beer As Weapon In Afghanistan

Wikileaks has gained notoriety in the past few weeks for leaking confidential journals regarding the war (that was supposed to be over by now) in Afghanistan.  I moseyed on over and checked out the documents myself.   Boring.  I supposed I should have dug deeper, because nestled in the controversy was this gem of a story.  [...]

Alcohol Stings: Are they doing any good?

As I glanced through my Google News Feed this morning, I came across this article reporting on a series of stings in Memphis, Tennessee in which various beer purveyors were set up in a sting by police, and cited for various infractions, namely selling beer without asking for ID.  In all, such stings as this [...]

HR 4278…Yeah, It’s Fair

Remember that $787 Billion Stimulus package that congress passed in 2009?  Under the scrutinizing eye, it was in fact a tax, not a stimulus…the United States has yet to feel the pain of payback; however.  Regardless, free taxpayer money seems to be synonymous with “stimulus” these days.  What does a yet unpaid for tax stimulate?  [...]

Washington Beer Tax & Sour Grapes

I nearly choked on my craft beer as I read this news-blog article’s title and ensuing body: Beer tax:  Why nail Pabst and not ‘high falutin’ microbrews? Are Washington’s Democratic state lawmakers microbrew drinking, Merlot swilling elitists? At a news conference Tuesday Gov. Chris Gregoire was asked to comment on the relative fairness of taxing [...]

California Caffeinated Beer Ban and Its Ramifications

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” — Pericles, 430 B.C. Not much has changed in 2400 years since this ancient promoter of democracy penned those words.  I am bewildered every time I hear the complacent citizen state:  “I don’t care about politics.”  [...]

Craft Beer Growth

Craft beer sales fared well despite the economic slump, with a sharp sales boost of 10.3% and a volume increase of 7.2%

Brewdog’s Nanny State VS. The Nanny State

Extreme interventionism, while well intentioned doesn’t always work. Does anyone remember the prohibition, Al Capone, and Bugs Moran?

Boulevard Brewing Company, Ripple Glass, and Recycling

Boulevard Brewing Company, realizing that their bottles (10 million per year!) were ending up in landfills, decided to create a company that would eliminate the waste.

Thank Heaven for Beer Interviews The Bruery

I now live about a 40 minute drive away from The Bruery.  Nate told us a while back to keep an eye on these guys, and I heeded that admonition.  Getting into my car, I drove through the Southern California mountains reflecting on all the highs and lows that beer has experienced during this past [...]

What Beer Should Obama, Gates, and Crowley Drink?

A brief moment of indiscretion, with the slip of a tongue, President Obama catapulted a percolating controversy into an international debacle.  What was the Gates/Crowley affair suddenly, with an unchecked honest opinion, became the Gates/Crowley/Obama affair and the incident, the arrest of the Harvard professor began to rise in import.  When it came out that [...]