The Lagunitas Coin Flip

In the past, I’ve not made it a secret that Lagunitas is generally hit and miss for me.  Not that I’ve denigrated their brand…some of the beers just aren’t my (pardon the expression on a beer site) brand of vodka.  As a result of my hot and cold attitude toward the brand, I leave her [...]

I Found the Lost Abbey to be Awesome…once again

My brother came to California this past Friday, and I was pretty geeked up about it.  For that reason, I contacted Sage from the Lost Abbey to see what sort of semi-sunken treasures were available for our visit.  I wrote him about two weeks prior to our visit and two days before our visit.  Of [...]

No Tribute to the Dark Lord this Year

Dark Lord Day at Three Floyd’s Brewery is a perennial favorite among those who are devout attendees.  And why not?  There is a massive crowd of people doing nothing but getting some Dark Lord Imperial Stout and sharing some excellent beers with one another.  In fact, I was lucky enough to try some rare beers [...]

What’s Fueling Craft Beer’s Growth?…Do you Really Need to Ask?

Why do people eat a hamburger rather than Spam?  Why do people like a Ferrari better than a Pinto?  It seems the answers to these questions is somewhat obvious (cost prohibitive aspects to the Ferrari aside).  Quality, quality, quality. It is intriguing when those who are unfamiliar with craft beer ask the question, “What’s fueling [...]

Big Fat Tire Deal

Nate’s post on guilty pleasure beers got me thinking about some of the beers, like Red Stripe, that are my guilty pleasure beers.  I considered putting Fat Tire by New Belgian as one of them.  But after hanging out with a friend tonight and putting nostalgia aside, Fat Tire is really a balanced and good [...]

Style-Schmyle: 2011 Beer Style Guidlines

The more we as a people  embrace postmodernism, the more aggressively we profess a disdain for rules and standards.  But deep inside, we know they can be beneficial and are meant for our own good.  They keep our roads flowing, our pockets less pick-pocketed, and our beer delicious.  That doesn’t mean that at times a [...]

A Quick Review of the Video, “The American Brew”

Ahhh the library…shrine of knowledge and source of free erudition whether it be in book or video form.  A few nights ago my lovely wife checked out “The American Brew” from our local library.  I have come to discover that not all books and films/videos are created equally.  In fact, like a few ill made [...]

Tut-Tut I do Confess…but with a Caveat.

I’ve come to terms with it and duly admit that in terms of depth, variety, and creativity, American beer is possibly the best in the world.  You can have whatever you want.  However, I do believe that most American breweries do have a deficiency is classic styles, which seems to be why our categorical distinctions [...]

How Dumb are Bud Light Drinkers? Part One

Being in an incendiary mood on occasion can get me in trouble.  However, this is our site and we know our readers well enough that I’m comfortable with writing this type of post.  So, without further ado, here is what I have to say.  How dumb are Bud Light drinkers really? During the course of [...]

The World’s Best Pumpkin Beer

I make no bones about it:  I hate pumpkin beer.  That doesn’t mean pumpkin beer deserves abolition, I personally just do not like pumpkin beer.  That aside, I’ve come to realize I am truly a beer savant and felt it my duty to inform the masses that I discovered the world’s greatest pumpkin beer.  Since [...]

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