What’s Your Guilty BEER Pleasure?

Sometimes I feel like all this talk that rings of “I’m not beer snob, I’m just a beer geek, is a subtly constructed comfort lie meant to ease the conscience of the typical beer enthusiast.  Seriously…I felt like I had to explain myself recently when, while out with some beer geek friends I ordered a [...]

The Onion: Shedding Some Light On Public Perception of Craft Beer Enthusiasts

You gotta love The Onion.  Somehow their combination of absurdity, blatant falsehood, and disregard for the politically correct manages to make sense of life at times.  An article that they published back in March of 2010 recently made it to my desk and practically left me in stitches. The story–Man On Internet Almost Falls Into [...]

We’ve Found Your DREAM Vehicle

What you drive can say a lot about you.  I rock a Nissan Quest Minivan.  The carpet is hidden beneath layers of graham cracker crumbs, the windows are mired in finger prints, and back to rows of seats boast some wicked Graco childs’ car seats.  No, I’m not a rock star (your shocked, right), I’m [...]

Wikileaks: Beer As Weapon In Afghanistan

Wikileaks has gained notoriety in the past few weeks for leaking confidential journals regarding the war (that was supposed to be over by now) in Afghanistan.  I moseyed on over and checked out the documents myself.   Boring.  I supposed I should have dug deeper, because nestled in the controversy was this gem of a story.  [...]

Sterotype Me: Tower of Baldness

This is our fourth attempt to do the uncouth: intentionally stereotype, our first attempt was a tad fun as was the last (and my favorite, “Partying Dudes”). You see, in a past post we discussed stereotypes a bit in a nonjudgmental and humorous attitude. It occurred to those who participated in the discussion that it [...]

A Beer Nightmare

The older I get, the more difficult I find it is to stay awake at certain times.  I can’t even drive at night anymore.  I would fall asleep at the wheel if I drove too late, I fall asleep at church (shhh!), I fall asleep at the computer, etc.   Maybe as I get older my [...]

Who Was Michael Jackson?

More often than not, when I bring up Michael Jackson in a beer related conversation, I have to digress from the topic and briefly explain that I am not referring to the late King of Pop, but I am referring to perhaps the most influential beer enthusiast to have lived in the past century. Besides [...]

Best. Beer. Song. Ever.

As I was going through old files on my computer I found this gem hidden below the dust and rubble of computers past, go ahead and click “play” as you read on: [audio:http://thankheavenforbeer.com/Audio/The%20%c5nswer%20%28Is%20Beer%29.mp3] Music and beer have gone together for ages.  In fact, many of the old hymns you may sing in your churches actually [...]

Thank God that Beer is not Abstract

Some beers are very complex.  Occasionally, I’ll have difficulty pinning down a flavor or putting a brew into words. However, beer is always accessible and approachable in ways that many parts of life are not.  Something that happened the other day really got me thinking of how simple the pleasure of beer really is, and [...]

Who Are the Elders Of Beer?

Who do you think should be on the Panel of the Elders of Beer? What brewers stand out amongst the rest? What beer critiques, authors, or journalists should make the list?