Beer and Christianity…At It Again

Today on my lunch break, this newspaper article from Luzene County, PA newspaper Citizen’s Voice jumped out at me: From Bibles to Beer. Perhaps it was so intriguing because it seemed to be an abstract of my life, but also because I…and everybody needs an uplifting story these days.  As Mike and I tirelessly plunge [...]

Beer: The Intellectual’s Drink of Choice

Unfortunately, beer is still regarded as a slovenly drink consumed by low brow, knuckle dragging meat heads.  Personally, I believe this stereotype has it’s roots in the prejudices of the past and in modern marketing.  When waves of poor immigrants (i.e. German or Irish) came to the United States, out of necessity, they built breweries [...]

Crapo, Mormon Barley Growers, and Moral Wrestling

Wherever beer and religion intersect, there you will find the author of this website standing with piqued interest.  The two can be found to be joined in harmony, or pitted in animosity, or jumbled up in a gray area of confusion.  A recent article from the Associated Press momentarily  lured me away from my daily [...]

Is Drinking a Sin?

To all our readers and searchers: I rarely–let me rephrase–I’ve never written on religious topics on the site.  Nate has posted a couple of things, but we don’t want to make this a Christian beer website.  Nate and I both happen to be Christians, but our website loyalties are strictly beer.  Of course, we were [...]

Beer Saved A Life Tonight

Here at Thank Heaven for Beer, we occasionally attempt to point out certain positive factors of beer–see this article or this article for example–that are not apparent as the obviously divine flavor.  We do so, because quite honestly, so often the negative factors are the ones that come to mind for many.  We are not [...]

Not A Typical St. Patrick’s Day Beer Post

Bear with me while I vent…this post follows in the tradition of Mike’s “I’ve been randomly annoyed” posts. On the drive to work today I tuned into a radio station based out of Detroit.  I listened as the DJ’s hailed St. Patrick’s day as “the best holiday all year ’cause we can drink beer for [...]

How Can You Tell? Guest post by Nikao.

A Pastor’s Perspective on beer.

Finding God in Beer

In an earlier post I alluded to the fascinating connection between beer and religion.  Unbeknownst to many of our readers, both authors of this site have an educational background in theology.  Unavoidably thus, when two passions intersect we take notice.   Below is a beautiful–and outstanding paragon of journalistic excellence– AP article that explores the historical [...]

Beer Gods

“Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy…” So said Benjamin Franklin…supposedly.  Not really true! Histories and religions never develop in isolation (in my humble opinion).  Whether the former affects the latter more or viceversa is certainly a matter opinion. Beer history is no different.  As long as there [...]

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