How Dumb are Bud Light Drinkers? Part One

Being in an incendiary mood on occasion can get me in trouble.  However, this is our site and we know our readers well enough that I’m comfortable with writing this type of post.  So, without further ado, here is what I have to say.  How dumb are Bud Light drinkers really? During the course of [...]

Roger Protz Gets it Wrong: An Argument of Assumptions and Insult

It’s rare that I jump into the fray on “hot news” where the blogosphere is concerned.  Put simply, everything that needs to be said has generally already been said on a given topic.  However, certain writing will occasionally raise my ire to such a degree that it simply merits a response.  So, I’ll capitulate from being ensconced in [...]

Irritation is the Mother of Invention: A New Series about Yeast

Even as I’m writing this, I fully realize that writing a series on yeast is of particular interest to homebrewers. Nevertheless, I’m still hoping that numerous people will find this to be an interesting posting series.  Let me mention briefly how I arrived at the idea for this series, and then, contrary to what might [...]

Black Tuesday felt like a Gloomy Monday

Let me be clear.  I refuse to denigrate (i.e., blacken…pun intended) the reputation of the Bruery.  Their beers are first rate and high class.  My aim is not at all to criticize them in this post.  I will certainly make some critical statements, but they do not reflect my thoughts about the Bruery itself. ***WARNING*** [...]

When Size doesn’t Matter

Relax, beanie weenies…I’m not talking about anyone’s junk in this article.  Once again, I’m actually ranting a bit, a not too surprising denouement to this literary plot called life.  No, I want to address something that I think all of us beer drinkers experiences from time to time: selection.  When I say selection, I mean [...]

Why does stuff like this irritate me so?

I was watching something a while back.  I think it was a movie but can’t remember which one.  That’s not important.  What is important is the heinous event that I saw on this movie.  So, I’m watching people hang out, drinking Budweiser.  This is already bad enough… but money talks and the the big breweries [...]

Who do you think you are? Don’t tell me how to drink your beer!

Recently, I’ve bought a couple beers that explicitly told me not to cellar them.  Pliny the Elder from Russian River and 13th Anniversary Ale from Stone are the two that I’m thinking of specifically.  On the bottle, they make it seem shameful that one even has the idea to cellar their products. What do these [...]

Don’t be a beer Zombie

Disclaimer: This is not directed at anyone in particular. Don’t be self-absorbed and think that I’m talking specifically about you. I’m always critical of the person who exclusively drinks macro beer. In fact, I can be critical of someone who drinks them with any regularity. Now that I work in a liquor store, I’ve observed [...]

Enough with the remakes: Another Tirade

Does anyone listen to the radio? I try to avoid it like the plague. Why? I’m tired of hearing the same old songs. Now that everybody else is tired of hearing the same old songs, there’s a new brilliant idea that has come up: remake the same old songs with different people. Let’s hear their [...]

Beer and Taxes: Oregon’s 1900% Hike

While the proposed Oregon beer tax is somewhat old news by now, it has been burning on the tips of my fingertips just waiting to find its way to the screen of this blog.  I can resist no longer.  With gaps in the state budget, Oregon came up with a plan to create instant revenue.  [...]

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