Kelpie Ale, a Beast of a Beer

Kelpie Ale, by Williams Brothers Brewery, is a beast of an Ale, in name and flavor.  No, I’m not joking…as cute as “Kelpie” sounds and as wimpy as 4.4% ABV may seem, sometimes there’s more than meets the eye.  The beer, based of historic Scottish ales that were brewed on the coast using malts that [...]

32% Beer to Hit Shelves in US

Many of my fellow writers have already posted that we should be expecting Brew Dog’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin to hit shelves in the U.S. very soon.  Trust me, getting the beer this way is much cheaper.  The price of buying from overseas and the shipping to do so are pretty hefty.  But actually, I’m not [...]

Lookie Here: Brew dog Stuff

Even though they knew I was beating their strongest beers, Brew Dog still sent me the beer I ordered.  I just wanted to show you a pic of what I got in the mail today.

Sink the Bismark: Craftbeer Wars?

I suppose it is only human nature to want to outdo your neighbor, at least in a survival of the fittest mentality.  However, in this world capitalist economy we lose our way.  Case in point, within seconds of my father putting his mower away his next door neighbor hastily makes sure to remove his retired [...]

Roger Protz Gets it Wrong: An Argument of Assumptions and Insult

It’s rare that I jump into the fray on “hot news” where the blogosphere is concerned.  Put simply, everything that needs to be said has generally already been said on a given topic.  However, certain writing will occasionally raise my ire to such a degree that it simply merits a response.  So, I’ll capitulate from being ensconced in [...]

Fraoch Heather Ale

It has been emphasized to the point of redundancy on this site, that beer is more than just a beverage, a thirst quencher, or mood enhancer:  It is an experience.  At times, this experience invades every part of our lives.  We think about beer, we dream about beer, we brew beer.  Beer even makes my [...]

Sip with us Saturday: SkullSplitter Review

What’s in a name?  I don’t know if Shakespeare was right when he said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  SkullSplitter would be a good smelling, tasting, and sipping beer.  But something inexplicable tells me that I wouldn’t love it as much if the name were different.  Sometimes an appellation can be [...]

Style Series: Scottish Ales

It’s been a while since the last style series post, but I am going to keep it up.  The last types of styles that I drew one were various English Ales and Pale/India Pale Ales, so I’m going to keep it close to area.  Scottish Ales are the next to be tackled. In some ways, [...]

Review of Heather Ale’s Grozet Gooseberry & Wheat Ale

As I’ve mentioned before, hops were not always king when it came to bittering or flavoring a beer.  So, when the William’s Brothers Brewing Company made their “Historic Ales” collection, it was not “historic” in the first-time sense of the word.  It was a blast from the past.  I had actually had all but this one [...]

Drink with us Friday|Red MacGregor Review

Well, lads and lassies, this was not a “normal” Scottish Ale.  I’m used to Scottish ales being more assertive and malty.  Generally, there is also a higher alcohol in a lot of beer that we get here in the U.S of A.  My main goal for a Scottish ale is for it to get me [...]

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