It’s OK to guzzle beer on occasion…

“And there are few things in this life so revolting as sipped beer.  But let is go down your throat ‘as suds go down the drain,’ and you will quickly realize that this is a true friend, to be admitted to your most secret counsels.  Long draughts with an open throat are the secret.”  Maurice [...]

What have you done for me lately…as in today: A Chocolate Ale Story

This post is about Chocolate Ale and a respectful advocacy for Boulevard.  Please know that we are hoping for a respectful conversation to take place here.  Remember, craft beer still represents a small portion of the total beer sales in the world.   It’s a great time to be part of the Kansas City beer [...]

A Book Review of The Bread Baker’s Apprentice by Peter Reinhart

It seems that people who share the name Reinhart (or Reinhardt, in my case) are an obsessive bunch.  My obsession is all things beer and fermentation, and Peter Reinhart’s is bread. I purchased The Break Baker’s Apprentice for my wife over Christmas and was glad that she wanted it as a gift so I didn’t [...]

German Beer from South of the Border: Bohemia Clasica

Bohemia beer from Mexico is perhaps the most overt appeal to the fact that beer from Mexico, as we know it, is actually, from a stylistic and heritage perspective, German and Czech.  Traditional Mexican alcohol beverages are generally corn or agave based. There were early influxes of barley to Mexico circa 1500 A.D., but beer [...]

Brewery Update

Well, the rewards are now, for the most part, in the mail.  To send Kickstarter rewards to 372 people is not an easy task, and I’m pleased to say that swag is in the mail.  Barring a small issue here and there, we have fulfilled, with joy, our obligation to send out rewards for our fundraising [...]

Fermenting Cabbage

Fermentation is a miracle that beer enthusiasts often subconsciously relegate strictly to the realm of beverage, when in reality, fermentation plays a part in the production of countless and diverse foods:  Soy sauce, sour cream, pickles,  and yogurt are a few common refrigerator staples that could not exist without microbiological activity that not only preserves, [...]

Bud Light…Suspicion Confirmed by Way of Anecdotal Evidence

While going out to grab some beers with with friends a while back, a rare occurrence in that I normally drink at home, I got up and headed to the bathroom. I left my beer on the table.  I suppose the above statement concerning the placement of my elixir sounds innocuous and sensible enough.  Right? [...]

The Absentee Landlords of Shall Return

As might be conspicuous to many of you, Nate and I haven’t exactly been writing machines as of late.  The reasons for our absenteeism are multitudinous.  Is the absence excusable?…maybe, maybe not.  We have been busy, make no mistake about that. Aside from the ill-conceived bout of self-justification mixed  with just the right amount of [...]

Newcastle Winter IPA Review

A few weeks back, Nate and I received some free beer in the mail.  Not a bad deal at all.  In fact, other brewers can take this as their cue to go ahead and send some our way.  At any rate, I like to note up front that I am reviewing a beer I received [...]

Newcastle does some… well, new stuff

Not long ago, Nate and I were contacted by a representative with Newcastle who asked if we would be interested in sampling some beer.  We politely replied: give it, give it, give it.  And so it came in the mail a few days back.  We were sent Werewolf, which carries the moniker of being a [...]

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