Hardcore IPA – Typical Is Contextual

There once was a time when I exerted a LOT of effort searching out beer stores, trying to find the next greatest beer.  This practice subsided–nearly stopped–when I realized the next greatest beer was the one brewed in my driveway.  That being said, I still get a huge kick when I stumble upon a store [...]

More ink for Our Kickstarter Campaign

Hey everyone, Nate and I are a bit off the grid right now.  I just pulled into Utah on my trek across the country…I’m beat! However, I do want to give a really quick update.  Loren Berlin wrote a terrific article about what we are doing (it also talks about the industry).  Anyway, I feel [...]

What’s bottling in the Wilderness

Fifteen long months after brewing it, my Lambic finally reached its peak time for bottling.  It’s not easy to wait for a beer that sits sleepily resting in a barrel, biding its time while you chew your nails in angst.  But let me tell you that when I bottled my various Lambics—Kriek (Cherry), Framboise (Raspberry), [...]

What’s Brewing In The Wilderness 1&2

It occurred to me that I had not posted any updates on the progress we are making as we journey towards the goal of opening our brewery, Wilderness Brewing Co.  I have actually filmed two video updates to keep you abreast of our sudsy endeavor.  Please check out the clips below.  The link above will [...]

Weekly Brewery Update

It’s been another eventful week and seemed like a year.  That’s a euphemism for the fact that it has been ridiculously, but beneficially, busy.  The beer community has remained tirelessly supportive of what we are doing.  We have either written, skyped, or teleconferenced several interviews this week.  Aside from our several blog friends, we have [...]

The Point of Homebrewing

Believe it or not, running this blog is an actual expense for Mike and I.  Contextually speaking, however, “expense” is pretty much an arbitrary term.  Monetarily, it costs us time and money to maintain this site, BUT the relationships we’ve built make it a virtual gold mine.  That being said, it’s pretty cool when you [...]

Houston we Have Liftoff: We Just Launched our Kickstarter

After three long years of contemplating, dreaming, a thousand conversations, over 800 posts, and a ton of hard work; we are officially announcing that we are fundraising for our brewery.  If ever you paid attention to any post we have written, please let it be this one. Thanks so much for being a part of [...]

A few Posts to Consider

The fact that we got so many hits from the article posted by Loren Berlin has gotten me thinking about some other articles we have written.  Although she quoted our article specifically in the wider beer context, the original articles were meant to justify the cost of craft beer versus the relatively inexpensive nature of [...]

We’re Opening Our Brewery

Given that an opportunity lies before us, we are taking it as a chance to make an announcement.  We are opening our brewery.  For those of you who read the site regularly, you know it is something we frequently muse about.  However, something you do not know yet is that we have been in the [...]

Self Sustainable Brewing – Hops

On several occasions I’ve mentioned that when it comes to brewing beer, the more ownership I have over the process, the better I feel about the finished product.  For example, I make my own candy sugar, dry my own orange peels, and culture much of the yeast I use.  Recently I planted my own hop [...]

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