Black Tuesday Again: This time I tasted it.

As I mentioned previously, I interviewed the Bruery a while back.  When I went to interview them, I brought a bottle of Dark Lord and an extreme beer that I brewed.  We tried both of those and a ton of other beers in the Bruery’s line-up before I tried Black Tuesday and knew that it [...]

Black Orchard by the Bruery

I realized that I’ve had this review sitting in my notebook for about 3 months or so.  I think it was even before I interviewed The Bruery. Since that time, the Bruery is no longer making this brew. Issues with shelf-life and other factors played into their discontinuation and replacement of Black Orchard.  Rugbrod is [...]

White Oak by the Bruery

The Bruery makes some pretty good stuff, and White Oak is certainly no exception.  If you like Allagash Curieux, you’ll likely enjoy this.  White Oak is a wheat wine, aged in bourbon barrels.  It’s no secret that I love bourbon. If beer didn’t exist, I would have a bourbon site. I first tried the White [...]

Black Tuesday felt like a Gloomy Monday

Let me be clear.  I refuse to denigrate (i.e., blacken…pun intended) the reputation of the Bruery.  Their beers are first rate and high class.  My aim is not at all to criticize them in this post.  I will certainly make some critical statements, but they do not reflect my thoughts about the Bruery itself. ***WARNING*** [...]

Autumn Maple, by the Bruery

I was a bit afraid to attempt a beer that is “yammy” from 17 pounds of yams per barrel.

Saison Rue by the Bruery

Who Sais Americans can’t make a good and authentic Saison?  Truthfully, this is sort of a hybrid ale.  I guess you could call it a Sour Saison, Sally.  Don’t mistake me when I tell you that this beer is sour.  Sour ales that I’ve had previously were pretty stinkin’ sour; this is a more restrained [...]

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