That One Again?

The sad refrains of ten thousand “lost love” songs ringing in my ears could not match the sadness I feel when I hear uttered the kindred language of Mordor speaking that ever so vile and unsubstantiated phrase, “I really don’t like beer.”  What the phrase has done to my life-span and psyche tongue cannot tell. [...]

What’s The Oldest Beer In your Collection?

I really want to know.  Lay the facts on me as to why this is the oldest beer in your collection. Below is a picture of the oldest beer in my beer cellar.  I actually picked it up at a antique mall in Toledo, Ohio for just a few dollars.  The beer was brewed by [...]

Why One Beer Lover Doesn’t Love Untappd

Every day it seems like another electronic, real time, internet based forum/community is born.  Myspace, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., and the latest…Untappd.  Untappd is much like Twitter, but less schizophrenic in nature.  Instead of telling the world what you are doing at any given moment, you merely tell them (other Untappd members) what beer you [...]

Craft Beer…The Better Deal

I refuse to ridicule someone for drinking “crap” beer…you know, anything brewed by a “Macro Brewery.”  Why?  First, negativity is far less conducive to communicating a better idea, and two, I’d be making fun of myself because I wasn’t just born into this idea that there are better beers out there.  I, like many others, [...]

Beer and Kids

Below is an amazingly cute picture of beer and my one year old…but first, a few words. I cannot help but occasionally write about the melding of two passions of mine:  Beer and kids.  You see, I love beer, and I love all five of my kids…and before you ask, no, I do not love [...]

In My Humble Opinion

It is a confounding occurrence when people are genuinely humble and speak openly about their mistakes.  Sure, I like self-deprecating humor as much as anyone, but I don’t know that I’d always call it humble (or being humbled or posting that I’ve been humbled is more like it).  But life is full of humbling experiences. [...]

Big Fat Tire Deal

Nate’s post on guilty pleasure beers got me thinking about some of the beers, like Red Stripe, that are my guilty pleasure beers.  I considered putting Fat Tire by New Belgian as one of them.  But after hanging out with a friend tonight and putting nostalgia aside, Fat Tire is really a balanced and good [...]

Out Drinking on a Tuesday

The key word to the title of this post is “out”.  Ironically, the drinking part isn’t the most scandalous.  I love to regularly drink a brew on Tuesday…really any day.  However, I am making a trek to LA tonight in order to support Randy and the release of his cookbook.  I’m looking forward to a [...]

What’s Your Guilty BEER Pleasure?

Sometimes I feel like all this talk that rings of “I’m not beer snob, I’m just a beer geek, is a subtly constructed comfort lie meant to ease the conscience of the typical beer enthusiast.  Seriously…I felt like I had to explain myself recently when, while out with some beer geek friends I ordered a [...]

Consistency can be Boring

A couple recent posts from Nate have dealt with the nature of consistency in brewing.  The first article addressed the need for consistency in the brewing process if one is to become a good brewery.  More recently, another post stressed how inconsistency can make for a better beer experience. Both articles make great points, and [...]

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