Being in an incendiary mood on occasion can get me in trouble.  However, this is our site and we know our readers well enough that I’m comfortable with writing this type of post.  So, without further ado, here is what I have to say.  How dumb are Bud Light drinkers really?

During the course of the World Cup (sponsored by Budweiser), I’d seen a multitude of Bud Light commercials.  The commercials are certainly ubiquitous, some are a little funny, others are amateurish and others are flat out stupid.  The funny part is, they assume the low-brow intelligence and humor of people who support their beer.

Admittedly, this is a rant and I’m characterizing the commercials a certain way but I’m attempting to create some actual humor and criticism of the product via the commercials themselves.  Essentially, I’m breaking-down the commercials and making fun of them.  If you are interested, read on.  Also, I’ll have the reader note that if they are bothered by the characterization of Bud Light drinkers as idiots, then perhaps it should be taken up with Bud itself.

Two commercials are particularly filling my mind.  Maybe those of you reading this have seen the commercials…here is the first.   The first involves a plane wreck on an island.  In the commercial, a woman finds the airplane’s radio and offers hope to the people of the plane crash. Essentially, she tells the other island members that she thinks this will get them off the island.  Right as she is wrapping up her good news, another person states that he has located the plane’s beverage storage and, guess what, it’s full of Bud Light.  At this point in the procession, people decide to abandon the hope of rescue for the hope of a few beers apiece (perhaps it’s the hope of re-hydration with water).  So, what’s the implication?

It appears that these morons are so shortsighted that a few free beers is better than rescue.  Aside from being cheapskates, don’t they realize that they can buy much more of their crappy product once their not under the oppression of death?  I get the implication.  The beer is so good that one would abandon the prospect of rescue for it.  However, what possible auspices would cause the denial of life for a vapid brew.  Furthermore, the idea of the commercial is counter-intuitive to the idea of consuming responsibly…something the brewer is eager to promote.  Instead, the party animals on the island forsake rescue because they love pounding them back so much.  I can almost hear the conch blowing in the distance.