Not All Beer Geeks Appear to be Created Equal

WARNING:  THIS IS A RANT This past Sunday my wife and I made the trek to Ann Arbor, MI to so I could pick up a few bottles of Jolly Pumpkin’s special release of Perseguidor (review coming soon).  My wife stayed in the van with our kids while I joined the line that was already [...]

Roger Protz Gets it Wrong: An Argument of Assumptions and Insult

It’s rare that I jump into the fray on “hot news” where the blogosphere is concerned.  Put simply, everything that needs to be said has generally already been said on a given topic.  However, certain writing will occasionally raise my ire to such a degree that it simply merits a response.  So, I’ll capitulate from being ensconced in [...]

Black Tuesday felt like a Gloomy Monday

Let me be clear.  I refuse to denigrate (i.e., blacken…pun intended) the reputation of the Bruery.  Their beers are first rate and high class.  My aim is not at all to criticize them in this post.  I will certainly make some critical statements, but they do not reflect my thoughts about the Bruery itself. ***WARNING*** [...]

Brewdog’s Nanny State VS. The Nanny State

Extreme interventionism, while well intentioned doesn’t always work. Does anyone remember the prohibition, Al Capone, and Bugs Moran?

Yes, It’s a Beer Belly

The bottom line is, when you drink a beer you consume calories. If your beer doesn’t use this energy, the surplus has to go somewhere, and that place is your (and my!) gut

Trying the Classics: What’s Wrong with Peanut Butter and Jelly?

Striking a balance between the new wave of exciting extreme beers and the beers that made them possible can be a task.  Hype, hypersensitivity, and a attitude of lament can make one upset about what he or she hasn’t had.  I’m as guilty as anyone, so I’m not pointing the finger.  But isn’t it singularly [...]

Verify This! Alcohol Sites and Age Verification

Why do alcohol websites ask me to verify my age?

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