Kelpie Ale, a Beast of a Beer

Kelpie Ale, by Williams Brothers Brewery, is a beast of an Ale, in name and flavor.  No, I’m not joking…as cute as “Kelpie” sounds and as wimpy as 4.4% ABV may seem, sometimes there’s more than meets the eye.  The beer, based of historic Scottish ales that were brewed on the coast using malts that [...]

Sip with us Saturday: Brew Pub Saturday

Outside of Dark Lord Day, I’ve not been to Three Floyds.  Now that I’m in Indiana, I’m planning on hitting Three Floyds Brewpub for a bite to eat and a couple beers to drink.  Anyway, I don’t know how many of you have local brewpubs but that’s what I’ll be doing on this Saturday.  I’m [...]

Lindemans Framboise Review

Besides the fact that true Lambics are intensely complex, flavorful, and delicious beers, they can serve a higher purpose.  The Lambic could have been designed to prove to the wine guy/gal that beer can be good.  (1) Let’s start with the name of the Lambic, in this case the Framboise that I drank this past [...]

Amorosa Review

Nate appealed to us saying that we should drink a lambic for our SWUS festivities.  My brother and I went to The Lost Abbey, so sipping some Amorosa was a no brainer.  Actually, my brother went with the intention of buying some Isabel Proximus or Duck Duck Gooze…stumped on both accounts.  I would loved to been able [...]

Sip With Us Saturday | Lambic Edition

While summer won’t “technically” arrive until June 21st this year, it sure feels like like spring has come and gone.  In fact, I could hardly fall asleep last night in my non-air conditioned home.  Fortunately, counting the drops of sweat dripping from my brow lulled me into sleep. Perhaps the most quintessential summer beverage, is [...]

Hitachino Nest XH

In order to fulfill the foreign language requirement in high school, I took four years of Japanese.  In fact, a the age of thirty, I still wear my Japanese Club t-shirt from my junior.  While I have forgotten most of the language (but still have dreams in which I’m speaking semi fluent Japanese…weird) I haven’t [...]

Island Beer|Sip With Us Saturday

Love it or hate it, the TV series LOST has proven to be a drama of epic proportions, having dominated whatever time slot it has filled for the past several years.  At one point, the president of the United States even had to rearrange a State of the Union Address so as not to interfere [...]

La Divine Brasserie De Silly

In an effort to find an non U.S. beer off the beaten path for Sip with us Saturday, I found La Divine by Brasserie De Silly from Belgium.  Admittedly, I wanted go a bit more off the beaten path for this one but my choices were a little more limited.  Not that I’m complaining, I [...]

A Review of Four American Craft Pilsners

I have iterated several times before on this blog that the America Pilsner (and I am speaking generically; that is, making no distinction between say, a German or Czech style Pilsner) is treated like a weird/creepy uncle:  While a part of the family, only in reluctance will many admit association.  But sometimes a weird uncle [...]

Pilsner: Sip With Us Saturday

A lively little discussion over at Beer and Whiskey Bros was the fodder that fed the idea behind this weeks Sip With Us Saturday beer.  Don thought Boulevard’s Collaboration 1 to be over valued, and I thought the opposite.  Head over there and give us your two cents. Here’s the deal… A little disagreement doesn’t [...]

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