A Book Review of The Bread Baker’s Apprentice by Peter Reinhart

It seems that people who share the name Reinhart (or Reinhardt, in my case) are an obsessive bunch.  My obsession is all things beer and fermentation, and Peter Reinhart’s is bread. I purchased The Break Baker’s Apprentice for my wife over Christmas and was glad that she wanted it as a gift so I didn’t [...]

One Hot Book: The Sriracha Cookbook: 50 “Rooster Sauce” Recipes that Pack a Punch

So I admit that the title is a tad lengthy, but the book, like the delicious chili sauce, is just right.  Fifty recipes that utilize something so complexly spicy, tangy, and (you guessed it) fermentedly magical seems very much apropos.  It is no easy feat to create an arsenal of recipes that use such a [...]

Lactobacillus…Reasons not be Sour about it

From the onset, let’s establish that unwanted lactobacillus can leave a bad tastes in one’s mouth.  The unexpected sour and pucker of an accidentally infected beer is a real punch in the mouth, especially when the style is not particularly conducive to the beer.  That being said, let’s address the merit of the organism itself [...]

Manifest Epicurean Destiny

The things I eat and try now that I would never have eaten 10 years ago…!  Seriously.  I’ve widely expanded my eating habits of the past few years, and I began to wonder what brought it about.  Of course, with me, everything ties back into beers, so I’m not shy to give the credit where [...]


Part of the reason I love to brew so much is that I love to cook; and vice versa.  I especially love to cook certain dishes that involve aspects of fermentation.  So, you’ll notice that I have posted occasional articles that are food related.  A few hits of the past have been calzones, Murphy’s Irish [...]

Belgian Dubbel Pork Chops

From smoked porter fajitas to blue berry stout jam, I love cooking with beer and experimenting with flavor profiles.  We just got back from Yosemite, and the fridge was looking pretty sad when we got home.  Last night was not a good one for shopping, so I had very little to work with when I [...]

Calzone Recipe

Part of why I love to brew so much is I love to see how ingredients work together.  In short, I love to cook and have been into it since I was about thirteen years-old.  Recently, I’ve been experimenting with calzones and how I can make a terrific one.  Well, I finally found the keeper [...]

Drink this, not that?

Not vomiting in my mouth will be difficult during this post.  While at work, I saw something that damaged me irrevocably.  The author of Drink This, not That (the link to this site says it all) was asked the question of which beer to drink that was low calorie but still tasted good.  Answer: Bud Select [...]

Three Floyds Brew Pub

Located about 2 hours away from Indianapolis, Three Floyd’s Brewery is a very reasonable weekend day trip.  To not visit such a highly acclaimed brewery within one’s arm reach would be a criminal’s act indeed.  Many people make their way to Three Floyds for Dark Lord Day; in fact, there was an estimated 8,000-10,000 people [...]

Beer Tasting Party #2: Birthday Bash

I posted about a beer tasting party that I had last year.  I had a blast and people learned a ton about beer.  I also learned how much I love doing this sort of thing.  Well, some time has passed, and I’m almost a year older.  In fact, I am a year older.  Wednesday (17th) [...]

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