Pilsner and the Confluence of History: Coke Fuel/Drum Roasting

I have been holding back on posting this for a long time.  One reason is because I knew it would end up being a long article.  For that reason, it will be broken up into several posts.  Here is a short primer that we wrote quite a while back about Pilsner. The last among the [...]

Style Series: Stout

What is a stout?  Come on in and see.  Stout is a stout version of porter.  Essentially, porters had more roasted barley or black patent malts (and other dark grains) added to them and began to be called stout porters.  Eventually, “porter” dropped off the name, and a style was born.  Like porter, stout is [...]

Style Series: Cerveza Lager

Cerveza has gotten a lot of attention in the past 10-15 years.  Before the ubiquitous Corona, it seems like few people were drinking the style called Cerveza.  Technically, Cerveza is a style only in so far as German lagers are a style.  What do I mean by that? Well, beer, as we know it, did [...]

Style Series: Brown Ale

We’ve been writing our style series for quite some time, and I want to finish it over the next little bit. Hopefully, it’s a resource to the beer drink and burgeoning beer drinker.  We only have a few left, so here we go with one of them: Brown Ale. What is a Brown Ale? As [...]

Style Series: Kolsch

We’re getting near the end of actually completing our Style of Beers series. A lot of terrain has been covered, but a few styles had to wait on being written. It’s getting to be the time of year that many people prefer a lighter bodied beer that doesn’t fill them up. Even avid beer drinkers [...]

Style Series | Wheat Beer

For many, simply knowing that a wheat beer is a beer made with wheat as an ingredient, is intellectually satisfying.  But anyone who has delved into the word of beer, has discovered that there is more than meets the eye to this category, and may be thirsty for more beer instruction.  For example, if one [...]

Style Series: Belgian Ales

Talking about Belgian Ale is a somewhat daunting task. Beer in Belgium is creative and variegated. I’ve already mentioned a couple of the types of Belgian Ales, which included Lambics and Trappist Ales. These are only two among many other styles. In many cases, different regions developed very different approaches. As a result, there will [...]

Style Series: Trappist Ale and Abbey Ale

What is a Trappist Ale? What is an Abbey Ale? Are they different things? Trappist Ale: Trappist is made by one of 6 breweries in Belgium or 1 in the Netherlands. No one else makes a Trappist Ale that can be termed as such. This style of beer must be made in one of 7 [...]

Style Series: Porter

Although we jumped from the area around England for the last beer, we are going to head down to London town for this next style.  I’ve spoken about Porter and Stouts once before on this site, but I’m going to go ahead and post this one as part of the style series.  I am going [...]

Style Series: Lambic Ale

Seeing as how we are about to drink a Pomme lambic, I thought that this would be as good a time as any to write about lambic as a style.  This style of beer is truly an achievement.  In this post, I’m going to tell you what a lambic is all about, and this will [...]

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