The things I eat and try now that I would never have eaten 10 years ago…!  Seriously.  I’ve widely expanded my eating habits of the past few years, and I began to wonder what brought it about.  Of course, with me, everything ties back into beers, so I’m not shy to give the credit where credit is due.

It hit me the other night that my continual search for expansion in my beer palate is one of the primary reasons I am willing to try and eat so many different types of food.  In the past 5 years or so I have gone from a beer neophyte, to a beer adventurist, to an almost obsessee (“Let’s see how strangely I can shape this beer I’m brewing while avoiding buying beer as much as possible”).  I thought about this the other night while I was plucking up my former archenemy, the mushroom, and munching it down with no reservation at all.  In fact, I was relishing each and every one.  I’m tempted to argue that the love for new beers and new foods have become a mutually informing cross-discipline…but I’m certain it wouldn’t have happened without beer exploration.

I suspect that I’m not alone in this pursuit.  Actually, pairing has become much more primary within this context.  Well, am I alone in this?  I sure hope not because you are missing out…but I doubt you are.  So, please tell us how expanding you beer palate has shaped your food palate.