So I admit that the title is a tad lengthy, but the book, like the delicious chili sauce, is just right.  Fifty recipes that utilize something so complexly spicy, tangy, and (you guessed it) fermentedly magical seems very much apropos.  It is no easy feat to create an arsenal of recipes that use such a pronounced, yet some how subtle when well-used, flavor.

Back in my college days I used Sriracha on my microwaveable Pho Bo because I simply could not settle for store bought Ramen noodles.  Sometimes, I could even being caught putting a drop or two on an empty finger and savoring that pungent taste. “Rooster Sauce” would go on any number of bland foods that my very much typical college cafeteria served with a lack of discrimination.  It would make any vapid plate pop with a world of possibilities.

Now that I am out of college and enjoying having a kitchen to cook in, I am using Sriracha to make my own Pad Thai sauces and incorporating it into a number of recipes.  However, my ideas have been fairly limited.  Luckily, I know where to get more that will spark the same college nostalgia I experienced back.  Albeit, my tastes and love of food have developed in the interim.

Randy’s book will spark that same imagination and nostalgia for you while you move forward into new and fresh culinary delights that are, well, just right.  Please go to Amazon and purchase this book and head over to Randy’s blog (look who’s on the blog roll).  And tell your friends, tweet it, Facebook it, and whatever you do, buy it.