Part of the reason I love to brew so much is that I love to cook; and vice versa.  I especially love to cook certain dishes that involve aspects of fermentation.  So, you’ll notice that I have posted occasional articles that are food related.  A few hits of the past have been calzones, Murphy’s Irish Stew, and sour beer soup, just to name a few…oh! and the glorious Belgian Dubbel pork chops.

Recently, I’ve been making some Ethiopian food and have been making authentic injera (that spongy flat bread) to eat along with my Doro Wat.  Perhaps this is the largest role that fermentation has played into any food I’ve made to this point.  It’s been fun and instructive.  Also, it got me thinking about some future fodder.  I am going to redouble my efforts to make fermented foods and cook with beer more.

I’m proposing an ongoing set of articles that deal directly with this very question.  I’m excited about more beer in my life…I’ve been really deprived.