Sour Beer Soup

This past week, my wife, Andrea, had some vegetables that we needed to use–some arugula and radish leaves (yes, the tops of the radish are edible).  We recently became part of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group that supports local farmers who produce organic foods (  The co-op supports sustainable local practices.  Believe me when [...]


Marmite is made of yeast extract. Well, to be exact, it is yeast waste (as you will see in Bob’s article and in the comments section) and actually, dead yeast.

Beer and Pizza

Some things are just commonly compatible:  Hot Dogs and Baseball, Nascar and Mullets, Beer blogs and the their insanely cool authors, etc… When it comes to beer, perhaps the most common food congeniality that comes to mind is beer and pizza.  In fact, a top google search term is “beer and pizza.”  At the mention [...]

Review of Corsendonk Belgian Apple White

Corsendonk makes some wonderful beers.  We have reviewed their Christmas Ale. And even though I hate cheese, you have to respect a brewery that makes their own, which Corsendonk does.  I fully plan to review some of their other stuff just to have it on here. Because I like their products so much, I decided [...]

Are you seriously trying to call that a Pub?

You, our readers, indulge me in an occasional tirade.  Diachronically, you will experience this from me.  To some it may seem trivial, but this heinous villainy must be met with commensurate force.  Even If I wax and wane through Victorian Shakespearean English, I think the my point will be met as though with a bare [...]

Review of Meantime Coffee Porter

I love a good Porter.  In fact, I really like Meantime’s London Porter.  I love good coffee.  But are they both good together?  Well, this beer combines both to see if this is the case.  Meantime Brewery is located in Greenwich, England, so their name is somewhat of a funny pun.  You know what is not [...]

Why did you have to put a lemon in it?

Citrus added to beer can taste good, be refreshing, and help you get your vitamin C.  Citrus can also ruin the experience of drinking a beer.  For the most part, wheats are more delicate than other beers especially in their floral (hoppy) aspects, unless you are drinking Gumballhead by Three Floyds or another anomaly among wheats.  So, [...]

Drink with us Friday: Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Review

For my part, winter is never welcome, but beer makes the cold times more tolerable.  Let me start by saying that this is beer was above average, but I like some of Sam Smith’s stuff better.  A much better way to “Welcome” the winter might be their delicious Imperial Stout. The head on the beer [...]

Drink with us Friday: Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale

Seeing as how winter officially starts in a couple days, we chose to drink this beer.  For my part, winter is not really welcome, but I’ll make the best of it.  This brewery still uses many traditional brewing methods.  For some information about Samuel Smith’s brewing methods and to see about this beer, check out this site.  [...]

Get in the Game.

I just finished drinking an English Ale with a bit of Venison Bratwurst.  How was it?  Very nice. Here at thank heaven for beer we have all sorts of interests.  From one of my first posts on here, you might know that I like to hunt a little.  I like game because of its lack [...]