Located about 2 hours away from Indianapolis, Three Floyd’s Brewery is a very reasonable weekend day trip.  To not visit such a highly acclaimed brewery within one’s arm reach would be a criminal’s act indeed.  Many people make their way to Three Floyds for Dark Lord Day; in fact, there was an estimated 8,000-10,000 people there for the festivities this year.  It is truly a beehive of wonderful activity to behold.

A Brewpub Saturday is not nearly as hectic as a Dark Lord Day, but do not let the reader misunderstand and think it isn’t a busy time.  After arriving at 11:30 am, we realized we forgot to take Central Time into account (central Indiana is on Eastern Time and Munster, where Three Floyds is located, is on Central.  No matter, we waited half an hour and got right in the door.  However, there were about 15 other people already there right at noon, which is when the brewery opens on a Saturday.  We looked at the beer and food menus and made our selections.  There are plenty of beer selections.  Three Floyds had around 10 of their beers on tap and several guest beers on tap as well as a very nice bottle selection, all of which were available for carry out.

Of course, the preferred beers of drinking when I went were Three Floyds brews.  I also purchased some bottles for carry out.  At any rate, I hardly need to offer an apologetic for commending Three Floyd’s beers; their reputation precedes them.  But what about the food?

Well, I’ll say this much.  I had a burger and fries, which are hard to mess up, but they are also hard to perfect.  I think maybe Three Floyds is close.  Besides making a lot of their stuff in house, including bacon, they utilize a local bakery (from Chicago) that makes some amazing pretzel rolls.  The burger on that roll will make anyone’s day.  Rich, my brother and occasional contributer to this site, ordered a brisket sandwich and really enjoyed it.  Andrea enjoyed the pizza.  As far as portions go, my brother couldn’t eat all his, Andrea took almost half her pizza home, Rachel (Rich’s girlfriend) didn’t finish and I (because I’m a glutton) was able to finish all mine.  But I dare say that even the heftiest of appetites will be satisfied.

By the time 12:30 came around, the place was really jumping.  By 1:00 or so people were waiting outside the door.  So, if you decided to go, go early or be prepared to wait for a bit.  I suspect the wait wouldn’t be more than 15-30 minutes, but it could happen.  Like I said, the place was jumping and the food was wonderful.  Of course, the beer was great, and I’d expect to have a really nice time.  Beer was typical bar priced but with the beer being great in this case.  My burger and fries were $8 and Andrea’s veggie pizza with fresh provolone was $16.  Also, I should mention that the service was great, the bar tender was on the ball, and people were very friendly.  You can tell the employees love working there and know what is expected of them.

Apparently, the brewpub is also a meeting place for people who trade.  I noticed that someone had some DFH beers they brought in, and I asked about them because I’ve not been able to obtain a few of them.  Curiosity brought me over to him, and I talked to the fellow for a minute.  He told me that he was trying to work out a trade with some people.  I include this tidbit because it had a kind of speakeasy feel to it and it was interesting.

Overall, I recommend that you go Three Floyds Brewpub…unless you have something against terrific beer and great food.  Otherwise, please go and enjoy it immensely.