“Crafting” Lies: The New Marketing Approach of the Big Boys

Craft beer drinkers enjoy their brews.  The variety of flavor combinations, style interpretations, and the sheer variety in the world of craft beer is simply astounding.  It is a veritable world of snowflakes and fingerprints; no two craft beers are exactly the same.  Why? Care and concern of what a beer tastes like drives the [...]

Hess…Small Brewery, Big Heart

As most of our readers know, Nate and I are insatiably interested in opening a brewery.  Through recent encounters, I’ve personally been reminded to put my money where my mouth is.  As a result, I began looking into the concept/cost of operating on a nano scale… but I’m jumping ahead.  Actually, I’ve spent some time [...]

Amorosa Review

Nate appealed to us saying that we should drink a lambic for our SWUS festivities.  My brother and I went to The Lost Abbey, so sipping some Amorosa was a no brainer.  Actually, my brother went with the intention of buying some Isabel Proximus or Duck Duck Gooze…stumped on both accounts.  I would loved to been able [...]

3 Lost Abbey Reviews

Every once in a while—okay, almost all the time—I’ve got a backlog of beers that I’ve taken notes on but not posted. Also, I sometimes realize that the list is getting far too long. So, I proposed to myself that I could write a few of the same brewery in one post. So, here are [...]

A Review of Four American Craft Pilsners

I have iterated several times before on this blog that the America Pilsner (and I am speaking generically; that is, making no distinction between say, a German or Czech style Pilsner) is treated like a weird/creepy uncle:  While a part of the family, only in reluctance will many admit association.  But sometimes a weird uncle [...]

Black Tot by Avery

Having started with Brabant of the Avery barrel series, I was immediately in love.  That was the first of the series, and I began my quest for their second one with no luck.  The same was true of the Black Tot until the gallant Sir Peter of Simply Beer rode his postal steed and sent [...]

El Camino

For Sip with us Saturday, I said I was going to drink something by Stone…sort of true.  My chosen tipple was a collaborative brew by Stone, Firestone Walker, and 21st Amendment.  The beer itself was an interesting collaboration, and Stone used a version of Firestone’s Union system for the brew.  Cool stuff.  The beer is [...]

Dark Lord Day Bottle Limit

Read no further if you don’t care about Dark Lord Day.  Well, have you gotten your Dark Lord tickets?  I have.  It seems that nothing is definite just yet; we don’t know what we’ll be able to get with them.  If you look at the muddled script on the Dark Lord Day ticket, you will [...]

Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale

As I’ve mentioned on other posts, this brew is a reincarnation of Stone’s 11th anniversary Ale.  From what I understand, people clamored until Stone starting making this beer on a regular basis (I guess the squeaky wheel does get the grease after all; the black grease beer, that is).  Other sites defer by calling this [...]

Sip with us Saturday: Sip your State Angel’s Share & Cuvee de Tomme

I got this Angel’s Share at Whole Foods, and a friend picked up the Tomme at the Whole Foods in Glendale.  My buddy David found the latter and called to see if I wanted to go halfsies.  I think my response was something like %*&# yeah!  Anyway, I’m excited to post my reviews of these [...]

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