Dark Lord Day at Three Floyd’s Brewery is a perennial favorite among those who are devout attendees.  And why not?  There is a massive crowd of people doing nothing but getting some Dark Lord Imperial Stout and sharing some excellent beers with one another.  In fact, I was lucky enough to try some rare beers I had never laid lips on previous to last year’s festivities.  Perhaps in a twist of irony, I was able to drink Isabel Proximus at a brew festival in Indiana, which I hadn’t been able to get in California even though I am a California resident (the beer was brewed about two hours away).

Although many attendees have been more devoted than myself and have a much longer streak of presence at the festival, this year would have made three in a row.  I say “would have” because I will not be there this year.  Last year I flew to Indiana.  Of course, my family lives in Indiana so I had several motivating factors.  This year, my brother will be visiting during the festival, so it is definitely out. Aside from that, I really am not into spending the money on a flight this year.

Sure, I am sad that I will not be at the festival this year.  My hope is that I can still get two bottles from someone, or perhaps two separate people would each be willing to part with a bottle…we’ll see.

However, I need to state that the real loss will be my inability to meet up with some of my blogger friends and to rub elbows with fellow attendees.  For this reason, my mourning period is starting early.  I am also mourning for those of you who would be attending without tickets…I hear that only those with tickets will be allowed on the grounds.