Review of Gosebrauerei Bayerischer-Bahnhof’s Berliner Style Weisse

Normally I include a link to the official website to the brewery, but this one is in German.  So, I’m giving another site which gives good information about the brewer/beer.  The beer itself is pretty low in alcohol content, being 3.1%.  When I poured this beer it had some nice head retention.  Man, was this beer [...]

The great cigar experiment: Bluegrass Brewing’s Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout

I mentioned previously that I was “flavoring” some cigars with Bourbon and was going to drink some beers alongside the sticks.  We’ll here is my first of numerous reviews to that affect.  This is a beer/cigar beer review, so more bang for the buck is a handy mantra for these thoughts. First, it’s been a [...]

Drink with us everyday: Seriously Bad Elf

This is the last of the four Ridgeway beers that I reviewed and the last of the “Drink with us Everyday” beers.  Without further ado, let’s talk about this last one. Appearing like liquid gold, this Ale looked delicious.  It had very very little head retention, which brewers often do with fairly strong beers.  This [...]

Drink with us everyday: Three Floyd’s Alpha Klaus Porter

Three Floyd’s brewery is in my state of residency (Indiana) and is very well-respected.  In fact, it is purported to have one of the world’s best beers. So, when I get a chance to drink some of their beer I’m also excited.  I chose this one because I knew that I could get it and hoped [...]

Drink with us everyday: Bad Elf Winter’s Ale

Number four and counting.  I’m excited to review this beer.  I think it is the best Ridgeway Ale I’ve had so far.  I still have a few more to try, so I shouldn’t be overzealous.  In appearance, the beer was blond with touches of orange hue.  There was a small but stable head at the beginning of [...]

Drink with us everyday: Schlafly X-mas Ale

We have reviewed several other Christmas Ales on this site.  Some of them have been spiced and others not.  Some were good, despite having cinnamon, cloves, or other flavors added.  Corsendok and Bison were examples of two good Christmas Ales. Let me start this review by saying that this Ale was not my style.  Some [...]

Drink with us everyday: Reindeer’s Revolt English Christmas Ale

This is our second review for “Drink with us Everyday” during our Christmas week.  I hope that you are joining with us as much as possible while we are drinking and reviewing these beers.   Looking at the color of the beer, it had a golden color with hints of Rudolph’s red nose.  The beer had a much longer, taller, and [...]

Drink with us Everyday: Santa’s Butt Winter Porter

Santa’s Butt– what an interesting name for a beer.  This is one beer in a series of Christmas-themed beers from Ridgeway.  Let’s break it down a little.  First of all, Santa’s “something” is an appropriate name for this time of year.  Surely, his “Butt” is not appropriate.  Well, there’s actually more than meets the eye to the [...]

Middle of the week review: Okocim O.K. Full Pale

More than O.K.–that is what I have to say about this beer.  I’ve had Okocim’s strong Porter a few times and have enjoyed it.  When I saw this beer, called a Full Pale, I thought I’d give it a whirl.  After all, there are some nice beers coming from Poland.  Upon pouring the beer, it had [...]

Middle of the week review: Alhambra Negra

A few weeks ago we tried Sam Adam’s Black Lager, which is a traditional German style Schwarzbier.  Alhambra is a beer that runs along this same stylistic vein.  The first time that I have ever seen this beer was a weekend when I went to Liquor Barn in Lexington, KY (excellent selection of beers).  So, when [...]