More than O.K.–that is what I have to say about this beer.  I’ve had Okocim’s strong Porter a few times and have enjoyed it.  When I saw this beer, called a Full Pale, I thought I’d give it a whirl.  After all, there are some nice beers coming from Poland. 

Upon pouring the beer, it had a little head on it, which was sandy blond and looked fairly clean in the glass. 

It was pretty aromatic, as far as a Pilsner-style goes.  On Okocim’s website, this is called a Polish Pils Style.  It did have a light hop aroma, which is typical of many Pilsners these days (although not historically).  I noted a slight woodiness and grainy-ness in the nose, along with sweet honey overtones. 

Taste-wise, the beer had a slight alcohol taste and a nice grainy finish.  There was also a dry and slightly nutty finish to the brew.  I found the dryness particularly likable.  The honey in the nose came through in the palate of the beer, especially when it came to the yeasty aspects. 

There was nothing extremely distinctive about this beer…but something inexplicable made the beer immenently drinkable.  It is a delicious beer that you don’t have to overthink.