This is our second review for “Drink with us Everyday” during our Christmas week.  I hope that you are joining with us as much as possible while we are drinking and reviewing these beers.  

Looking at the color of the beer, it had a golden color with hints of Rudolph’s red nose.  The beer had a much longer, taller, and stable head than Santa’s Butt Winter Porter, which we reviewed last night.  There was a nice creamy looking head on it, which held in place very nicely. 

In the nose of the beer there was some fruitiness, which I pinpointed as apricot.  There was also a touch of alcohol aroma that co-mingled through its overt metallic notes. 

The metallic notes were also noticeable, but not overpowering, in the palate of the beer.  A medium hop level was present in the beer at a level slightly higher than the first Ridgeway beer that we tasted.  Having gotten past the wave of hops, the beer ended with a dry, grainy, and somewhat bitter finish.  There was maybe even a hint of dried nuts at the end.  

Perhaps the Porter was slightly better, but I’m often biased toward darker beers, so how good it is to you is for you to discover.  I will say that I enjoyed the beer, so you might like it, too.