Three Floyd’s brewery is in my state of residency (Indiana) and is very well-respected.  In fact, it is purported to have one of the world’s best beers. So, when I get a chance to drink some of their beer I’m also excited.  I chose this one because I knew that I could get it and hoped that others might try to pick it up as well.  Here is my review.

When I poured this beast, it looked very dark for a Porter; it actually looked more like a Stout.  However, this American version of an English Ale is still true to the style.  It had a deep dark body and a creamy brown head, which was very stable. 

The beer smelled hoppier than I’m used to for Porter but was still pleasant.  The hops had a slight citrusy grapefruit quality.  It smelled very roasty with a slight biscuity quality.  It had some serious dark chocolate aromas to round the smells out. 

Now for the sip.  The beer was fairly carbonated and dense, which gave it a very nice mouth-feel.  It was very roasty (think coffee) and chocolatey.  Alcohol warmth was present in the brew.  Hop-wise, the grapefruit quality came through and added a nice bitterness.  Touches of caramel were also present.  There was a long, dry, and slightly chocolate-caramel end to the brew.  I though it was very good, especially if it was left in the glass to warm up and breath for a bit.

Mike’s Rating:

Overall Satisfaction: ★★★★¼ 

Among other Porters: ★★★★¼ 

Among other Ales: ★★★★☆