This is the last of the four Ridgeway beers that I reviewed and the last of the “Drink with us Everyday” beers.  Without further ado, let’s talk about this last one.

Appearing like liquid gold, this Ale looked delicious.  It had very very little head retention, which brewers often do with fairly strong beers.  This one weighed in at 9.5% ABV.

Seriously Bad Elf was very floral.  I was immediately taken by the aroma of hops.  Even more significantly, the beer was reminiscent of an Asti or Riesling wine.  It had touches of crisp green apples on the nose, which gave it a nice fruity aroma.  It almost smacked of perfume aromas. 

This was thick and full-bodied (almost barley winish in some respects), giving a very full mouth-feel and coating.  The green apples came through in the Ale, which was very nice with the sweetness of the brew.  Alcohol was also noticeable in the beer, which I thought added very strong hints of Gin.  There was maybe a touch of sulphur taste in the brew.  This was a lingering Ale that finished in a dry hoppy bitterness, which went well with this assertive brew.  I actually had some smoked ham (any strong smoked meat would be nice with this beer) with this Ale…delicious.