The Site

We’re glad you found your way to Thank Heaven for Beer (hereafter THFB…how clever)!

Speckled throughout this site–in its posts, its pages, its comments, etc.–the mission of THFB will  flesh itself out.  Honestly, that is about the best we can do.  Sure, there are millions of pretentious pseudo-intellectual pen wielders across the blogosphere (we hope you do not deem us as such) many of whom may be the curators of a beer blog much finer than this.  We are not on a mission to be different.  We do not claim some esoteric knowledge of beer that can only be found on THFB.  We don’t know it all.

But we do love beer.  And not because of any cliché reason; not because it is the cool thing to do, but because it tastes good.  And, unlike many other drinks and alcoholic beverages, it is not just a consumable.  It is more than just a thirst quencher, a facilitator of inebriation, a fine beverage, or a fraternity staple.  It is an experience a human experience–rooted in the histories of mankind. It is a paradox…simplicity and complexity all at once.  Beer is a wondrous thing, yet it retains its purchase to the common man.  It is the drink of kings, but the inheritance of mankind.

The Authors

Nate is married to a beautiful beer connoisseur, Sandra, who was gifted, dare I say, blessed, with a delicate and sensitive palate.  He has four children, all of whom will grow up to love and endear fine beer.  Nate still isn’t sure exactly what he wants to be when he grows up…he hopes it involves teaching university and owning a brewery.  Ok, I guess he does know.  Nate’s favorite beer changes with the wind.  At the moment it Milwaukee’s Best Ice.  HAHA, just kidding.

Mike is also married to Andrea, who tastes almost every beer he has purchased and made.  There are no kids at this point, but eventually wish to have a couple.  Nate and Mike both share the goal of teaching and brewing.  One of Mike’s goals for the site is to get you (the reader) to be passionate about beer.  He wants to see you exploring and pushing your normal expectations for a beer.  Nate and Mike both want you to learn and find something new each week.