We’ve Found Your DREAM Vehicle

What you drive can say a lot about you.  I rock a Nissan Quest Minivan.  The carpet is hidden beneath layers of graham cracker crumbs, the windows are mired in finger prints, and back to rows of seats boast some wicked Graco childs’ car seats.  No, I’m not a rock star (your shocked, right), I’m [...]

Social Networking and Beer Pt. 2: Noise and Clarity

Note:  It will be helpful to read part one of this series first. I always chuckle when I read the description/mission statement of a witty blog I’ve followed throughout the years:  So That No Thought of Mine, No Matter How Stupid, Should Ever Go Unpublished Again. This statement–that provides a laugh at the expense of [...]

Social Networking and Beer Pt. 1

Preface to this brief Op-Ed series: I have, and will continue to be critical of internet based technology, particularly social networking sites, which for practical purposes will include “blogs” alongside sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and/or Beer Advocate.  Why?  A reference to this article is as far as I’m will go in explanation at this [...]

Craft Beer Growth

Craft beer sales fared well despite the economic slump, with a sharp sales boost of 10.3% and a volume increase of 7.2%

What is a Natastrophe?

Instead of drumming up a reputation for the flavor of the beer, the macro brewer seems to drum a reputation for the brand of the beer.