As I was going through old files on my computer I found this gem hidden below the dust and rubble of computers past, go ahead and click “play” as you read on:


Music and beer have gone together for ages.  In fact, many of the old hymns you may sing in your churches actually credit their music to old pub and drinking songs of the middle ages and earlier. And how many epic love songs were written after a few beers got the artist thinking introspectively?

The song you are listening to right now (which just oozes of pure awesomeness) I actually downloaded from some random MySpace music page back before the mighty empire of myspace tumbled.  I wish I could attribute some credit to the artists, whose names are “Scott and Jimmy,” but the MySpace page has long since vanished. It’s too bad.

Many a time I have sat down at my guitar and tried to compose a sonnet as lovely as “The Answer Is Beer,” but have always come up short. I hope to someday compose a song of such beauty. When I do, you will be the first to know?

Do you like the song? Have you written an ode to out beloved beverage?

“Though the question isn’t clear, the answer, is beer.”

Update: A comment we received (see below) credits the song to “The Role Models”.