Dark Lord Day 2010 In Retrospect

Even bad situations can yield positive results

Putting my money where my mouth is: Reflections on my first beer tasting party

Awhile back we encouraged our readers to try their hands at having a beer tasting party.  On Friday, June 5, I got together with 13 other people to try thirty beers.  A tall order, indeed!  We had a blast at the party, and I think that we all learned a lot.  I hosted the party [...]

Beer and Pizza

Some things are just commonly compatible:  Hot Dogs and Baseball, Nascar and Mullets, Beer blogs and the their insanely cool authors, etc… When it comes to beer, perhaps the most common food congeniality that comes to mind is beer and pizza.  In fact, a top google search term is “beer and pizza.”  At the mention [...]

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