La Divine Brasserie De Silly

In an effort to find an non U.S. beer off the beaten path for Sip with us Saturday, I found La Divine by Brasserie De Silly from Belgium.  Admittedly, I wanted go a bit more off the beaten path for this one but my choices were a little more limited.  Not that I’m complaining, I [...]

Zoetzuur: Sweet and Sour

The reason I liked Zoetzuur so much, was due to it’s incredible balance and mildness, while maintaining considerable complexity. This would be a great beer to serve to a young beer geek as an introduction into sour beers.

Lindeman’s Cuvee Rene

Pure lambics are hard to find no matter where you go or where you live.  Of course, it might be easier to find them in Belgium.  It seems that, for now, brewers and the public are content to drink blended lambics. Gueuze is about as close as we get to an unadulterated version of the [...]

Delirium Noel Review

In all honesty, to some extent, I am affected by the presentation of a bottle of a beer as I walk through the beer aisle.  I don’t base my judgment of the flavor and quality of the contents on such superficialities, but a nicely dressed bottle is eye catching.  That being said, there is something [...]

Orval Review

Orval is really a classic Trappist ale.  A few may argue that it even the classic beer within the style…I would beg to differ, perhaps citing Rochefort or Chimay; regardless, it is a pinion of what is “Trappist.” A beer is better appreciated if the brewery and brewers can first be appreciated, in my opinion.  [...]

Sip With Us Saturday | Orval

With Thanksgiving officially behind us, it seems natural to segue into some Christmas and seasonal beers.  What better way to do that then to first indulge in a true trappist beer?  While all Monks have devoted their lives to the adoration and propagation of Christ, the focal point of Christ-mas, some monks have also devoted [...]

A Dragon Tale

This is a world class beer. If you haven’t tried it, you must, even if you shy away from Belgian beers, as many folks I know do.

Go here: A Visit to the Back Abbey

As I’ve mentioned previously, I occasionally like to write something about the local beer scene.  So, if you are in Southern California (close to Claremont, specifically), then this is a post of particular interest for you. About twenty minutes or so from my apartment in Pasadena, there is a place called The Back Abbey.  A [...]

Yes, You Can Put Candy In Your Beer

Belgian candy sugar, for example, can be used to up the ABV of a beer while keeping the body thin (sugar from malt thicken the body of the beer) and adding some delicious caramel flavors.

Ommegang Rare Vos

I’m a fan of Ommegang, which is from Cooperstown, New York.  They always make solid, respectable, and sometimes surprising beers.  I’ve had Rare Vos on a few occasions and thought that I ought to put up a review of this product.  Do yourself a favor and try their stuff.  Here is my review of Rare [...]

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