A lively little discussion over at Beer and Whiskey Bros was the fodder that fed the idea behind this weeks Sip With Us Saturday beer.  Don thought Boulevard’s Collaboration 1 to be over valued, and I thought the opposite.  Head over there and give us your two cents.

Here’s the deal…

A little disagreement doesn’t hurt so long as the individuals involved in the discussion maintain mutual respect and avoid personal attacks.  In fact, I cannot stand politically correct, “I don’t want to say I disagree with you even though I do because I don’t want to come off as offensive,” discussions.  To me, the lack of honesty is disrespectful.  On an old blog I used to maintain, I wrote a brief article on the perks of honesty in dialogue.

Anyway, as per the beer bout on Beer and Whiskey Bros, this week’s brew is style-centric and is zoomed in on the Pilsner.

The poor Pilsner.

Because of the corn supplemented atrocities that flow from the likes of companies like InBev, this historical and once beloved style gets a bad wrap and is overlooked more often than not.  Here in craft-beer-geek world, our senses of taste are shifting towards BIG, BOLD, MALTY, HOPPY, etc.  There’s nothing wrong with this.  I brew beers like this too.  But I also brew session beers and lighter (not in the sense of tripple hopped lightness) beers and find complexity and enjoyment in them.

The Pilsner can actually be a great beer.  It is crisp, it is refreshing.  It reeks of the earth and the water used as its source.  In my opinion, it’s much more difficult to make a mediocre Pilsner, than say…a world class Imperial Stout.  Would you agree?  Disagree?

Thus said, this weeks Sip With Us Saturday beer is ANY American Craft Brewed Pilsner. Please, join in with us this Saturday.  If you miss drinking a Pilsner on Saturday, shoot for Sunday.  If you write a review on your pilsner of choice and want to post it on Thank Heaven for Beer, we’d be happy to oblige.

What Pilsner are you choosing?


For those who don’t know, Sip With Us Saturday is simply a communal drinking experience.  Every week we choose a beer, beer style, or beer them and that’s what we drink on Saturday (amongst other beers occasionally) and we hope you join us an participate in the post(s) that follow.