Even though it’s owned by Heineken, Murphy’s still makes a great stout.  I have a personal preference for this over Guinness any day of the week, so that’s why I thought it would make a nice Sip With Us Saturday beer.  If you get a chance to drink it on tap, it’s a must.  For now, I just bought the draught can.  Here is what I think of it.

The Pour: Watching that pour settle is one of the greatest joys about drinking a beer in the draught system.  The soft, creamy, and extremely stable head sits, once it makes it’s way to the surface, atop a deep black body (with some red hints) while the slowly active body pushes carbonation to prop up of the lovely sight.  The head is clingy and sticks to the glass, leaving a residue from the previous sip.

The Nose: Hints of coffee, caramel, and a deep roast give the beer a soft, dry aroma.  I’ve always thought the aroma also smacked of mint tobacco and hints of licorice.  Touches of smoked peat also gives the beer an subtle touch of roundness.

The Taste: The tobacco (very subtle mint) and licorice are dominant features of the brew.  Bits of acidic sharpness, dryness, and coffee really lend to the impression of drinking espresso.  Subtle caramel and chocolate fit with a drop of smokiness and sweetness.  A miniscule hint of a lactic sourness makes for a perfect finish with the roasted grains and a slight metallic touch.  This beer is smooth, subtle, and beautiful in its stoutness.  Even though it’s full, the 4% ABV lends to this being a wonderful session brew.  Here is a recipe for Irish Stew.

Overall:  What can I say?  I think this is a terrific beer.  It’s very drinkable, delicious, makes a good stew and is creamy. I suppose a touch more grain depth might be nice in the brew.  However, it’s still so drinkable that I’m not sure I’d want that.

Mike’s Review:

Overall Satisfaction: ★★★★¼ 

Among Other Irish Stouts: ★★★★¾