Black Flag: Beer Valley

The obvious imagery, the simple label, and predicability of this beer as a big stout kept me away from this beer for while.  Not that I’ve not sipped my fair share of 11% Imperial Stouts.  Honestly, the fact that the bottle idea (a pirate theme) was platitudinal practically repulsed me from Black Flag.  It’s strange [...]

Black Tuesday Again: This time I tasted it.

As I mentioned previously, I interviewed the Bruery a while back.  When I went to interview them, I brought a bottle of Dark Lord and an extreme beer that I brewed.  We tried both of those and a ton of other beers in the Bruery’s line-up before I tried Black Tuesday and knew that it [...]

An Oaky Dokey Sunday: Three Barrel Aged Beers

My brother recently visited Pasadena and we had a chance to hang out, catch-up, and drink beer.  He had all my newest homebrew creations during the week, but we bought some beers for the Colts game on Sunday.  It was not intentional, but it ended up that we had three barrel aged beers.  We had, [...]

Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout, authentically a Russian Imperial Stout, is not Russian, but was brewed to woo the imperial court of Catherine of Russia by Thales brewery.

2003 Podge Belgian Imperial Stout

Sometimes a unique spin on a beer is refreshing.  Few people would call Podge Belgian Imperial Stout a classic rendition of the style.  Normally, I expect a heavy, thick, sweeter or darker version when I hear the words Imperial Stout.  But it’s not a necessary quality.  Let’s not confuse things; Podge is certainly some of those [...]

Great Divide Yeti Espresso Oak Aged Imperial Stout

That was a mouth-full to write.  Was this beer a mouth-full, too.  I’m dying to try the chocolate version. Great Divide is one of those breweries, at least for me, that I tend to really like or really dislike their stuff. Let’s see about this one. The Aroma: Yeti had a fat, black body with [...]

Brygger Nils Oscar Imperial Stout

I’ve always found more traditional Imperial Stouts intriguing. For instance, I simply love Samuel Smith’s version. Don’t get me wrong, I still love an Imperial Stout that is 13-18% ABV and a beast of a beer. But some of my favorite varieties are the tamer versions (Bert Grant’s version is another example). Nils Oscar is [...]

Black Albert Royal Imperial Stout by De Struise

Any time you have a beer that is 13%ABV, it is a big beer with which you’ve come face to face. How that 13% tastes depends on the drinker. I believe that I paid somewhere between $12-15 dollars for this 11.2 oz bottle (sometimes it’s hard to keep track, but I know that it was [...]

Review of Dark Horse Plead the 5th Imperial Stout

My favorite thing by Dark Horse thus far–that is what I can say about this beer. We’ve already reviewed quite a few of their brews. Of course, I’m a sucker for Imperial Stouts. At 12%ABV, this beer is a pretty heavy hitter. Being that I shared this with my wife and brother, it wasn’t too [...]

Review of Dark Lord by Three Floyds Brewing

Once a year.  Why, oh, why? Having gone to the festival, I think I can understand why Dark Lord is only released once a year. If I were one of the brewers, I would love to have something special like this happening only once a year. What an event, what a time! Now that I’ve [...]

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