Black Flag: Beer Valley

The obvious imagery, the simple label, and predicability of this beer as a big stout kept me away from this beer for while.  Not that I’ve not sipped my fair share of 11% Imperial Stouts.  Honestly, the fact that the bottle idea (a pirate theme) was platitudinal practically repulsed me from Black Flag.  It’s strange [...]

Red Chair IPA by Deschutes

At 55 IBUs (International Bittering Units) and 6.4% ABV, this is a comparatively small IPA, at least for American versions.  Maybe it’s more normative for what I like IPAs to be.  I picked  Red Chair IPA up at Bevmo many moons ago and have just now gotten around to writing a review for it–why good [...]

Hit Me with Your Best Deschutes: Three Reserve Reviews

I’ve done it, folks.  I’ve finally gotten through three of the reserve beers by Deschutes.  The unfortunate part is that one of these wasn’t The Dissident, which I am, perhaps, more interested in trying than any of their other beers. Fortunately, I picked up The Abyss the other day, and some friends brought me Mirror [...]

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