Any time you have a beer that is 13%ABV, it is a big beer with which you’ve come face to face. How that 13% tastes depends on the drinker. I believe that I paid somewhere between $12-15 dollars for this 11.2 oz bottle (sometimes it’s hard to keep track, but I know that it was salty). Let me start by telling you that I wouldn’t pay to drink this beer again, but what a beer is worth is, once again, in the mouth of the beholder. Here is what I have to offer about Black Albert.

The Pour: A creamy, brown, and finely carbonated head sat atop this very dark, black bodied beer. This beer looked like the beer yard bully…it was intimidating in the glass.

The Nose: Black Albert had a smoky nose that was touched by the 13% alcohol. There was a sourish aroma that cropped up. Plenty of roast, a soy quality, and some hints of fruit were also very much present. I personally thought that apple cider was the fruit note that I caught.

The Taste: Like the nose, there was plenty of roast Black Albert’s flavors. The fruit and soy qualities were also a big part of the taste. A ton of coffee roast was the largest quality in the middle of this Imperial Stout. A semi-bitter acidic and dry finish was the final touch. There was also a nice lacing when I looked at the empty glass.

Overall, Black Albert was a good beer but not great. It was well over-priced for what the beer was. I suppose if the Black Albert were about half the price that I paid, I would get it again. It’s ultimately up to you if want to try this ale but I wouldn’t recommend it for the bucks. As we always say, there is only one way to find out, and that is for yourself.

Mike’s Rating:

Overall Satisfaction: ★★★¾☆ 

Among other Imperial Stout: ★★★¾☆