My favorite thing by Dark Horse thus far–that is what I can say about this beer. We’ve already reviewed quite a few of their brews. Of course, I’m a sucker for Imperial Stouts. At 12%ABV, this beer is a pretty heavy hitter. Being that I shared this with my wife and brother, it wasn’t too much at all (especially when it feels like a night to have a couple of beers). There was a very much shared consensus that it was very good. Here is my review of the beer.

The Pour-This was a very dark beer, to say the least. A dark brown head was left atop this veiled night sky blackness of a beer.

The Nose-Dark grain aromas were prevalent on the nose of this brew. Alcohol could certainly be smelled alongside coffee and some fruity (berryish) qualities. Caramel and chocolate also made a very pleasant impression.

The Taste-As I sipped on the beer, it clung to the side of the glass because of its very thick and substantial body. Alcohol warmth and an acidic bite took hold of us all as we drank Plead the 5th. The chocolate and caramel that appeared in the nose really cropped up in the taste. A deep, dark grainy taste dominated the brew from start to finish. There was a long, lingering finish, which ended with dryness and chocolate milk aftertaste qualities.

Overall, this was a great beer. To me, it evoked flashes of the Bourbon County Stout that I reviewed on here not too long ago. I really do imagine that if this beer were put in bourbon barrels, it would be pretty similar to the Goose Island offering. Bourbon or not, get this beer and try it if you like a good stout.

Mike’s Rating

Overall Satisfaction: ★★★★½ 

Among other Imperial Stouts: ★★★★¾ 

Among other Stouts: ★★★★¼