How does a brewer know how much booze is in his booze?

Nearly every time I share a homebrew with someone–after they bow down at my feet and praise me for making such a glorious creation–inevitably, they ask me:  “How do you determine how much alcohol is in this work art?”  Seriously, I am posed this question at least monthly.  As I explain and begin throwing out [...]

How to Pour a Beer

It’s not rocket science, or is it? Let me preface why I am writing this article.  A little while ago my wife and I found a babysitter for our five children and decided to meet some friends for dinner.  Since we only go out a handful of times throughout the year we chose  a slightly [...]

Natural Carbonation Vs. Forced Carbonation

Comparing methods of carbonating beer

Who Was Michael Jackson?

More often than not, when I bring up Michael Jackson in a beer related conversation, I have to digress from the topic and briefly explain that I am not referring to the late King of Pop, but I am referring to perhaps the most influential beer enthusiast to have lived in the past century. Besides [...]

Yes, You Can Put Candy In Your Beer

Belgian candy sugar, for example, can be used to up the ABV of a beer while keeping the body thin (sugar from malt thicken the body of the beer) and adding some delicious caramel flavors.

Just be Yourself | How To Review Beer

Subjectivity is the only way to wholly embrace not only the enjoyment of beer, but the reviewing process. Just be yourself.

A Gift Fit For A Beer Geek…

The Essential Reference of Domestic Brewers and Their Bottled Brands is the brain child of Micheal S. Kuderka, whose purpose in creating this reference book was “to be the industry recognized resource for information on all domestic beer and brends…” And let me tell you, he is is doing a great job.

Is Drinking a Sin?

To all our readers and searchers: I rarely–let me rephrase–I’ve never written on religious topics on the site.  Nate has posted a couple of things, but we don’t want to make this a Christian beer website.  Nate and I both happen to be Christians, but our website loyalties are strictly beer.  Of course, we were [...]

Putting my money where my mouth is: Reflections on my first beer tasting party

Awhile back we encouraged our readers to try their hands at having a beer tasting party.  On Friday, June 5, I got together with 13 other people to try thirty beers.  A tall order, indeed!  We had a blast at the party, and I think that we all learned a lot.  I hosted the party [...]

Style Series: Kolsch

We’re getting near the end of actually completing our Style of Beers series. A lot of terrain has been covered, but a few styles had to wait on being written. It’s getting to be the time of year that many people prefer a lighter bodied beer that doesn’t fill them up. Even avid beer drinkers [...]

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