As might be conspicuous to many of you, Nate and I haven’t exactly been writing machines as of late.  The reasons for our absenteeism are multitudinous.  Is the absence excusable?…maybe, maybe not.  We have been busy, make no mistake about that. Aside from the ill-conceived bout of self-justification mixed  with just the right amount of self-deprecation that I can offer, let me say that our absence isn’t baseless.  I can only say anon and anon so many times when speaking about our intentions to write.

Writing.  What can we say?  We wrote nearly a post a day for the period of 3 years.  For any of our fellow writers or even our avid readers out there, you know that to be quite a imposing mountain of pages and words about beer.  In short, we have found it difficult to keep writing substantive posts about beer on a daily basis.

We are not really interested in writing beer reviews.  There are plenty of good sites for that.  Our goal has never been to write about popular/trend beer topics.  Again, plenty of good sites exist and can fulfill that niche.  Nate and I set out to add what we considered to be a unique voice to the topic of beer…that can be a difficult proposition to fulfill on a daily basis.  So, as you know it is ending. Please keep reading.

We have decided to keep writing interesting articles about beer.  Yet, we’ve decided that doing that on a daily basis isn’t ultimately a tenable goal.  For that reason, we have decided to be a bit more expansive in our approach.  Like the rest of you, we have several interests, other than beer, that we like to explore.  Some of them we are into almost as much as beer.  In short, we are planning on adding some dynamics to what we will now be calling “thankheavenforbeer and more.”

We hope that we continue to impact, spark, and generate conversation around this blog and the various topics it addresses.  Please keep joining us as we freshen and expand our blog.