While going out to grab some beers with with friends a while back, a rare occurrence in that I normally drink at home, I got up and headed to the bathroom. I left my beer on the table.  I suppose the above statement concerning the placement of my elixir sounds innocuous and sensible enough.  Right?

Apparently not all patrons are of the same ilk.  What did I behold?  The end result of too many Bud Light commercials.  The gentleman in question subscribed the philosophy of AB advertisement; namely someone might take his true American Lager.  Therefore, the brewski sojourned to restroom.

First off, let me state, without waffling on the matter… yuck!  Secondly, I subscribe to an alternative explanation that better accounts for a Bud Light near the urinal.  I think he knew where to refill his beer.

Some thoughts just need to be shared.