I Guess Context can be Everything

Yosemite is an awesome place.  Seriously, it is awe inspiring.  Andrea and I (and some friends) went to the park this past weekend and hiked all over the place.  We climbed half-dome and literally tried to put our arms around some giant Sequoia trees.  I can see it was one of truly magnificent places that [...]

Great American Beer Fest VS. Oktoberfest

Last year around this time I posed the question on Twitter (a service I find I lack time for these days):  “Would you rather go to #GABF or Oktoberfest?”  I rarely ask questions like this on Twitter, as it seems like pandering for standing on the social networking site, but I really was interested.  Only [...]

Sip with us Saturday Review of Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Bamberg Marzen

The name of this beer is anything but subtle.  Aecht means genuine.  Schlenkerla refers to a hobble/not walking straight, which was ostensibly a reference to a former brewer of Bamberg, who had a strange way of walking.  Very apt for such an eccentric beer.  Rauchbier, of course, means smoked beer.  Bamberg is an area name, [...]

Sip with us Saturday:Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Bamberg Marzen

That’s a mouthful.  I imagine when we all drink this beer we will feel the same about its taste.  This a smoked beer, so if you haven’t had one prepare yourself for it.  I’m drinking it alone and with some grilled food.  I say fight smoke with smoke.  At any rate, I think this will [...]

Warsteiner Dunkel (Nate’s Review)

Some beers are purchased on impulse, others out of fond appreciation, some because they are a Thank Heaven for Beer – Sip With Us Saturday beer, and others out of nostalgia.  As for Warsteiner Dunkel, the latter two hold true in my case. Back in college as I started  straying from cheap macro beers, Warsteiner [...]

Warsteiner Dunkel

Another lovely weekend has passed here in Southern California.  Another “Sip with us Saturday” is under our belts.  One more shift in the weather patterns has occurred for many of us.  If you’ll remember, I mentioned that this beer was something of a season bridging beer.  The lager part says summer; the darker, drier malts [...]

Sip with us Saturday: Warsteiner Dunkel

Another week is halfway in the books.  Another weekend is on the horizon.  Another “Sip with us Saturday” is here.  Before you know it, all the Christmas beers will be showing up: all the spiced, cranberried, and a plethora of others.  Unlike the ubiquitous pumpkin beers, there will actually be some things for which we [...]

Spaten Optimator Review

Apparently this style of beer was developed by a German order of Minim monks (St. Francis of Paula, Italian in origin).

Sip with us Saturday: Spaten Optimator

Now that the warmth of summer has worn off, a few chilly days have hit.  I don’t know about anyone else, but the change in weather has left me needing a little warm-up.  While many people are emphasizing Oktoberfest beers, we want to change gears just a little bit, so were going to have a [...]

Sip with us Saturday: Ayinger Brau-Weisse

This week we will be drinking a Bavarian bombshell.  I’ve always liked and appreciated Ayinger’s beers.  We have already reviewed one of their beers on the site, which I believe is a classic.  At any rate, this Bavarian wheat beer has scored very highly and is one of my favorite wheat beers.  We hope that [...]