Great American Beer Fest VS. Oktoberfest

Last year around this time I posed the question on Twitter (a service I find I lack time for these days):  “Would you rather go to #GABF or Oktoberfest?”  I rarely ask questions like this on Twitter, as it seems like pandering for standing on the social networking site, but I really was interested.  Only [...]

Spaten Oktoberfestbier Review

Das Beer! That’s about all the German I know, but all I need. As I poured Spaten’s Oktoberfest into my goblet, I was a little surprised.  I was expecting to see a clear golden lager but instead a beautiful clear amber brew filled the glass with minimal head.  I believe in the past Spaten has [...]

Drink with us Friday| Spaten Oktoberfest

Here is Friday’s beer.  You may be able to find it in a single bottle.  In all likelyhood, you will have to buy a sixer.  Find a friend or two to split the cost and share the experience (and website) with.  I have not had this beer lately, but I’m sure that it will be [...]