Buckbean’s Maibock

There is absolutely nothing like coming home and finding a parcel waiting for you from UPS…especially when it contains beer…especially especially when you weren’t expecting it!  Thanks for the surprise Buckbean Brewery!  Without having even tasted their beer, they made my day.  Besides the fact that Buckbean makes great beer, I like them for their [...]

Guest Review: Don from Beer and Whiskey Bros Reviews Pete’s Wicked Strawberry Blonde

Guest Post: Don from Beer and Whiskey Bros. Please visit and subscribe to their site!!!! Let me first start off by saying that I did not buy this beer. It was a birthday gift as a part of a bunch of singles I was given by my sister-in-law. There, at least I think my man [...]

Boulevard’s Collaboration No. 1 Review

Boulevard’s Collaboration No. 1 is one unique brew. Besides the fact that it is the brewery’s first ever collaboration,

A Very Noddy Beer by Buckbean

After a long twelve hour drive in a small minivan with 5 kids and a dog from Kansas City, MO to Toledo, OH seeing a package on my doorstep from Buckbean Brewery was a welcome sight, as it distracted me from the week’s worth of unopened bills lying inside the door. I am just now [...]

Review of Pilsner Urquell

In the American craft beer scene, Pilsners/Lagers are kind of like everybody’s weird uncle, they are ignored, perhaps only recognized at family gatherings, and we begrudgingly admit association.  Perhaps this attitude is a bit wrong…for the uncle and the beer.  More on this in an upcoming post…this is beer review, after all. Pilsner Urquell is [...]

Pilsner Urquell | Sip With Us Saturday

This coming Saturday we are going to be tasting Pilsner Urquell.  I’m sure more than a few may roll your eyes at the choice (a pilsner lager???) but to be honest, lager and pilsners do not get the respect they deserve in the United States.  Due to the paltry products of many of the big [...]

Spaten Optimator Review

Apparently this style of beer was developed by a German order of Minim monks (St. Francis of Paula, Italian in origin).

Sip With Us Saturday | Bitburger

Following cue from Mike’s article that suggests beer geeks need to take time to revisit the classics, the Sip With Us Saturday beer this week is Bitburger.  Bitburger is truly a classic, and is Germany’s number one draft beer. The brewery has been pumping out  beer for 190 years, but it didn’t always taste like [...]

Voodoovator by Atwater

Personally, beer distribution is as confusing as complex algorythms.  Case in point:  Voodoovator by Atwater brewery.  The Atwater brewery is located in Detroit, Michigan, however the beer is not available just 50 miles south in Toledo beer shops.  So when I happened to be up in Michigan this past weekend, I made it a point [...]

Lobster Lovers Beer Review

I’m sure we’ve all had this experience:  You are walking through the beer aisle sort of aimlessly without a target beer, or even a target beer style in mind.  Your eye catches something vaguely intiguing.  You’ve never heard of it.  You don’t know how it has held up to judgmental tastebuds of beer reviewers.  Yet [...]