What’s bottling in the Wilderness

Fifteen long months after brewing it, my Lambic finally reached its peak time for bottling.  It’s not easy to wait for a beer that sits sleepily resting in a barrel, biding its time while you chew your nails in angst.  But let me tell you that when I bottled my various Lambics—Kriek (Cherry), Framboise (Raspberry), [...]

Weekly Brewery Update

It’s been another eventful week and seemed like a year.  That’s a euphemism for the fact that it has been ridiculously, but beneficially, busy.  The beer community has remained tirelessly supportive of what we are doing.  We have either written, skyped, or teleconferenced several interviews this week.  Aside from our several blog friends, we have [...]

Houston we Have Liftoff: We Just Launched our Kickstarter

After three long years of contemplating, dreaming, a thousand conversations, over 800 posts, and a ton of hard work; we are officially announcing that we are fundraising for our brewery.  If ever you paid attention to any post we have written, please let it be this one. Thanks so much for being a part of [...]

Roughing it…at Joshua Tree

Lovely, well that would be one way to describe both the weather and my current thoughts on the future.  There is a serious thrill running through my mind because I just viewed the rough cut of our video.  My friend Brent filmed it, and we will work on the final editing together.  The reason I’m [...]

Hess…Small Brewery, Big Heart

As most of our readers know, Nate and I are insatiably interested in opening a brewery.  Through recent encounters, I’ve personally been reminded to put my money where my mouth is.  As a result, I began looking into the concept/cost of operating on a nano scale… but I’m jumping ahead.  Actually, I’ve spent some time [...]

Help Us Name Our Brewery

For those who don’t know, Mike and I are resolute on starting a brewery, and we’d like to see it happen within the next few years.  We have a problem though.  It seems like it is easier for us to come up with brews, brewery ideas, and general business plans than it is a name. [...]