The fact that we got so many hits from the article posted by Loren Berlin has gotten me thinking about some other articles we have written.  Although she quoted our article specifically in the wider beer context, the original articles were meant to justify the cost of craft beer versus the relatively inexpensive nature of really large breweries.  Of course, I am not being disputatious about the principle she spelled out in the article, I am merely pointing out that our discussion was much more narrow in that it was specifically meant to be an apologetic for why craft beer is worth the price.

For that reason, I thought I would point back to the posts and attempt to point out the nature of we were putting across.  So, please take a read through these other articles and offer your thoughts.  You should note that a few more articles should be written in the same vein.  However, this represents that basic line of thinking behind the madness.  Please enjoy.