Read no further if you don’t care about Dark Lord Day.  Well, have you gotten your Dark Lord tickets?  I have.  It seems that nothing is definite just yet; we don’t know what we’ll be able to get with them.  If you look at the muddled script on the Dark Lord Day ticket, you will see that it says, “Bottle limit set on day of event.”  Does this mean that Three Floyds doesn’t know their yield yet?  (The site says that they will post bottle amount as soon as they know the yields.)

My best guess is that those who have complained that they missed out on tickets are being appeased.  I don’t really have a problem with other people being able to purchase the beer, I really don’t.  But I do question the method.  People have already bought tickets for $10 each and should know what to expect when they get there.  Of course, I’m not just grousing about the situation.  I’m going to have a good time either way because it’s awesome, but we ought to know what we are getting.  After all, people who bought the tickets were on the ball enough to get them. The argument could be made that, because of the site problems, Three Floyds should make some concessions that wouldn’t actually change the number of tickets that were sold.  Perhaps the number of tickets could match the volume of Dark Lord.

This life remains one of no guarantees, so it’s not that big a deal.  However, I was surprised that we still don’t know what’s actually going to happen on the day of, and I’m hoping that I feel the $20 extra was worth the calculated risk associated with paying that amount. At least the money goes to charity.